Marci Murphy Williams – Abilene, Texas Texas


This woman thrives on attention. She loves to use anything & any human to make herself look like a humanitarian. She is a pt dr that works at home for the elderly. Mean while she is taking breaks to sleep w a married man & she is married as well. She had a handicapped child when she was in high school & has a full time nurse & her parents take care of him while she goes on trips & drives to sleep w a married man. She uses Facebook to post pics of her & her son just to get attention. She is also desperate to get pregnant with a married mans child. She has threatened the wife on numerous occasions making sure that is known where & how the committed adultry. She is so desperate to tear a family with four children apart so she get married for the 3rd time & she’s not even 30. She made sure to send this picture so the wife would be intimidated.

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