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Complaint: Brought my 93 Ford F-150 pickup to Marcotte Ford in Holyoke, MA. to have the oil pan replaced. Truck was not leaking any fluids, just noticed a deep rust spot on oil pan. Dealer replaced the oil pan. After bringing veichle home it would drip motor oil slightly. The leak got worst. I brought it back to them to have the problem looked at. Dealer doesn’t even look at the truck until the next day and then calls me at 7:00 AM to tell me I need a new oil pan gasket and it was still under warantee, but I also need a new rear main seal and engine side cove gasket. the Cost is $430.00. I went down the night before at 9:30 PM and the attendant told me they would not be looking at the truck until the next morning. How can they check all those areas by 7:00 AM when they hadn’t even looked at the problem the day before? I called another Ford dealer and he advised me to have them reair only what was waranteed. My truck didn’t even leak any fluids until Marcotte changed the oil pan. Now I need all this work only eight months later.

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Address: 1025 Main Street Holyoke, Massachusetts U.S.A.


Phone: 413-536-1900

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