Marder Dermatology Allergy & Skin Cancer Center Review


I went to Dr. Marder last year to remove a wart like growth on my leg. He had his intern remove the growth. They also found a melanoma on my leg as well and had both sent for biopsy. His charge was 600.00 dollars plus to remove these two items for biopsy. He then billed my insurance to collect from them as well. My insurance sent me an eob stating that patient responsibilities would be 400.00 plus. Roughly a 200.00 dollar difference. | I called his office numerous times wanting my 200.00 refunded back to me. They told me i was correct and they will credit back my card the 200.00 dollars. This never happened. Now it is a year later and i still have not recieved my 200.00 credit. | In the mean time, i went to another dermatologist because my growth was not properly removed and grew back. So i still have the same growth and i am out 600.00 dollars. I did have my melanoma removed by this second dermatologists and he advised me of Dr. Marder’s practices and to be very careful dealing with him. | I want my money back. I was overcharged and at the very least should get my 200.00 dollars back as stated by BC/BS eob.


  • Name: Marder Dermatology Allergy & Skin Cancer Center
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Saint Lucie
  • Address: 9580 S. Federal Highway Port
  • Phone: (772) 335-1500
  • Website:

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