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Complaint: STAY AWAY FROM THIS u201cATTORNEYu201d This attorney has RIPPED OFF many citizens of the county. She is nasty, which is what you think you may want for a divorce, but she will draw out your divorce just to get herself MORE money. She even has been black listed by over 60% of other local attorneys! Margaret England is the type of attorney that gives all attorneys a bad name. She is a pathological and malicious liar and a con artist with high school bullying attitude complex. This attorney seems to thrive on conflict. It seemed to me that she drug things out just because she would be able to make MORE money. Not only that, but sheu2019s vindictive and will yell, throw temper tantrums, blatantly lie to judges and even falsify their decisions, repeatedly make mistakes in calculations. Many have wondered if she is actually mentally ill – excessive lying is a common symptom of several mental disorders. She thrives on conflict and will do anything to get a rise out of your ex. She wins because she gets money, but you and your kids lose. Avoid her. She is a DISGRACE to the profession. She will file mountains of paperwork (and duplicates, and triplicates to rip you off more) with the court and opposing counsel all the while charging you by the hour and running up your bill. She will make mistakes in the purpose to come back to the court room again to charge you $5,000 or more for one day. In the end, all you will have to show for the thousands and thousands of $$$$$ she charges, is a LOT of paper, mess, and no closer to the divorce endingu2026 She will send you letters in the mail updating you on the progress of your case, she will add her personal life events in every email correspondence between opposing party, court clerks, child support attorneys, judge, etc. and bill you for this (who cares of her dental appointments, vacation trip, birthday celebrations, her 30-year-old kids, etc.?- professional correspondence is not a Facebook chat!) Every 2-3 weeks when you receive that letter, she just billed you for another half hour at $250-300. By the time your case is settled, you wonu2019t have a dime. This job is a game for her, she feeds her ego (she used to be a Child Support clerk and likes constantly re-run Dissomaster to cheat with numbers and financially abuse mothers in need), writing endless paragraphs in Motions. She was doing unnecessary researches, analysis and analogized with cases from the past. There were a few times I just wanted to agree and get on with my life. She said no. She encouraged me to fight and drag out things. An attorney is supposed to help you reduce your conflict with your ex, not contribute to it. If you agree with the previous statement, Margaret England is not the lawyer for you. Avoid this place u2013 EnglandLaw at all costs. The only regret I have, is that I didn’t leave sooner. Based on how she threatened me, I’m assuming many of her victims never speak out. She cheated on her Yelp account u2013 previously it was Margaret England, now itu2019s England Margaret. She got rid of all negative Yelp reviews from her previous clients. She will purposely SCREWING you over, her own client, and LAUGH about what a cash cow you had become. Your own ATTORNEY will take advantage of you. Beware of Margaret England!

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Address: 3510 Unocal Pl Santa Rosa, California United States


Phone: (707) 636-0550

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