Margarette Goodlett – Springfield, Kentucky Kentucky


This woman met my husband and immediately starting hitting on him, he told her he was happily married that he had 2 kids (One Of Which Was ONLY 8 Weeks Old At The Time!) And she kept going after him anyway! She went into the manager’s office at their work and stole his phone number and started to blow him up. Yeah I already know he should not have caved in, but hey he’s only human and I do blame him for his mistakes but I blame her more because she was told more than 15 times to leave him the f*** alone by him and instead of letting him be a good man and move on she kept going after him I don’t know if it was to prove something to herself or what but come to find out she was also in a relationship. She was PREGNANT with another man’s baby! She lives in Springfield, Kentucky and was driving down to our town to work down here for a week and could not even keep her legs closed for a week! No she had to come down here and destroy my life and my family’s life knowingly! Everyone beware of her! Keep your husband’s away your boyfriend’s away your fiance away and God please do not date her or marry her or have children with this woman or should I say a little girl because she is a despicable human being and she will ruin your life for fun!

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