Margery Runyan


I am committed to bringing my clients to a higher state of consciousness, peace, and joy. Believe in Yourself again. If you are suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, or any addiction, I have miraculous tools to help you find your path and your center. I am trained in Jungian practices, Tao and Buddhist mediations, hypnotherapy, dream interpretation, and energy work. I provide Medical Qi Gong which is Traditional Chinese Medicine and am certified to practice Feeding Your Demons by a Buddhist lama. Your life quality can improve dramatically and these tools are available for your lifetime.I also have hosted two radio shows, Twin Talk on World Talk Radio and Seeking Serenity on Web Talk Radio. I wrote my dissertation for my PhD on the Dreams of Identical Twins. I am licensed in FL, CO and NM as a clinical social worker and addiction professional.I believe that we have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy circulating within and around us. If your Qi or Kundalini is blocked through dis-ease, I can help you regain the flow. All symptoms are symbolic and give us information about the stuck places in our energy bodies.

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