Mari Cely Villanvevatos Booker – Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas


When we send our husbands to war, one of the last things we expect is for them to hook up with the finance girl. Or at least that not what I expected from my Special Forces husband. nor did I expect his chain of command to cover up his and her wrong doings. But then again I was wrong. Three months after we got married, my husband deployed to Afghanistan. Everything was going great, conversations everyday, video sex, phone calls ect ect, After about 4 months I noticed a drastic change in our correspondence. And recieved a call from a good friend of mine who was also deployed there. Informing me my husband was going on Dates, yes Dates, like how do you find the time to date in the middle of a war zone, But they did, he lied and sent a computer come saying it was for a friend, when in reality it was for her. She bought him jewelry, which I am sure he is still wondering what happened to it. Well check Cliffdale road. So when he got home I check his E-mail and lo and behold, she had sent him messages, “oh how I miss your voice, and the touch of your skin” yuck. Well the saddest part of this story isn’t what they did to me, because, I have my own way of getting back at them both. The sad thing is she is married, with two children and her Husband actually was in a war zone putting his life in danger for our country. What a slut. Then I find out my husband wasn’t the only one…….. When she got back she continued to call him, and him her, thinking I was non the wiser. But gotta love the fact the phone was in my name so I could get a copy of all phone records. He denied it for months, she still denies it. although I sent copies to her in laws, yes her in laws. Tracked them to a Mexican restaurant, still denial. So needless to say They ruined our marriage. It takes two, Not much more I can say about this worthless piece of shit, except congrats on the award!!!! Now everyone will know what a slut you are, and how your disrespected your own husband and family, but you both disrespected mine. Thank god we didn’t have any children together!!!!!!

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