Maria Adelita Oviedo – Tucson, Arizona Arizona


“Mari” reached out to my husband via social media using the excuse to try and get some promotion/donations for her daughter’s cheerleading fundraising event (even had his friends donate money to her without them knowing what was going on). Though my husband and I have been going through some marital problems, She did not help our situation. She began texting with my husband from Dawn to Dusk, sending him pictures and telling him things that would get him to start paperwork to divorce me! She would sweet talk him and tell him the things of course he wanted to hear in order to distance himself even more from me. Once I found out about their “relationship” I called her and she would not answer the phone but instead called my husband letting him know that I was trying to contact her even after I told her to stop calling she continued to send him messages and call him. My husband told her to stop communication with him and she continued to send text messages. Her last message was “I just wanted to let you know that you really hurt me” WHAT????? He’s a married man you dumb whore! Watch out for this homewrecker. It seems to me that she likes to use her kids as bait to lure guys to giving her money and talk to them.

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