Mariah Jordan Franklin – Cape Coral, Florida Florida


My confidence, my self-esteem…right down the drain. We were newly married, a little over a year, just gave birth to our first son and just recently had moved to Florida to start a new life with my family. My husband got a job working at Lowe’s Home Improvement off Pine Island Rd. in Cape Coral, FL where she worked (and still does), Mariah Franklin. I soon fell into post-partum depression where I hated myself, my body and pretty much everything else in my life. I was never good enough in that time for my husband though. I remember I would cry and have mental breakdowns and my husband would record it as if to get some sort of justice or good sense of feeling at seeing me at my lowest. When he finally admitted to cheating on me (a year later) we had already moved from FL to Colorado. I remember my whole body getting hot and his voice started to fade out. How could I even process what he just told me? I think I was more enraged with the fact that I couldn’t get my hands on her. She was in Florida and I was here knowing everything that happened that day when they cheated. After stalking her via Google and social media, I came across not only her phone number, but her address, her parents names, high school she attended, etc. as well. I contacted her and told her that I knew what she did and I wanted her to admit to it all. After denying and denying it all, she finally told me everything. I mean, everything. I was at work that day, our son at my mothers, and there they were. In my living room and on MY couch. She told me that he slandered me repeatedly and that he even showed her the videos of my breakdowns. He belittled me to her, talked me down to be insane. She then gave him oral sex and then actual sex and all right there on my couch where my infant son and I would sit and lay on. My world instantly crumbled right before my eyes. Why this betrayal? Why? He knew I was depressed, he knew I was suffering and unhappy… so why would he even make things worse by doing that? I will never get over it, nor ever be the same person I was. Unfortunately, I’m still married to my cheating spouse. I can’t afford to leave him. It’s sad, and I’m sad. I just recently started therapy and hope to get on medication soon for my manic depression. This is a reminder to all that even if your husband is a ‘good’ man raised by very Christian people, he’ll still find a way to fuck you over. Literally.

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