Mariah Michelle Boyd – Pikeville, Kentucky Kentucky


Where to begin. Mariah Michelle Boyd has had more men on her then Daytona beach had on it. She’s a 5 ft tall money hungry, freeloading, tramp who will not work when she can live off her disabled child’s check and sleep with people for drugs. She was with a guy named Dewey, married him, he helped raise her kids. He was a decent person but she cheated on him while they were married so he started sleeping with multiple married woman too. He is just as bad as her, Dewey Boyd. However Mariah ruined him. She had 2 kids, 1 disabled, that wasn’t Deweys but another guys. They married in 2015. She cheated with that guy, they separated in 2016 and she cheated with the real baby daddy, then told Dewey it wasn’t his kids but wanted child support and the free housing approved apartment for a crash pad. She then left the baby daddy for his brother, then left the brother for another guy, then left that guy and screwed about 4 more married men in the same 2 weeks, then she ended up with some guy named Shane but still sleeps with Dewey when she can get something from him, but she sleeps with his friends too. She also seems to be screwing local LEO’s because of all the drugs she does and illegal things she does, and none of them ever arrest her and housing allows it to happen also. She’s probably sleeping with some higher ups. No job, no life, all drugs, all party, and waiting for that disability check to do it all over again. This is the bottom of the barrel tramp but she has the looks and the a$$ that will wreck homes like a hurricane on an lonely island.

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