Marian Zamudio – Coos Bay, Oregon Oregon


Marian Zamudio pursued my sick husband. He was a stroke survivor and was now facing brain cancer. In a wheelchair, left sided weakness and walked with a walker, she knew his vulnerabilities and that he had assets, surely it was her motivation to chase him in hopes she could wrangle a few assets or money out of him before he died. In reading their logs, he made it clear sex was all he wanted. She was so proud to tell him her new teeth had just come in, so now she could smile for him. Did she not understand he preferred her without teeth? My husband did die a few weeks ago from the cancer, but now I have this scab just on the other side of town that for no other reason, I enjoy poking a stick at. I have posted the pussy pics she sent him on her FB page for all to see. I have promised to give the logs and photos of her to her daughter in law. She rarely sees her son and granddaughter, surely the family would never let her near the granddaughter knowing where her mouth is at. Her “come screw me” ad still runs on Craigslist. She has asked me to leave her alone but she’s never apologized for her behavior, instead she claims her God understands and has forgiven her. I hate that she is there and most likely ruining other marriages because her trailer door swings open at the drop of a quarter.

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