Marilia Assis – Miami, Florida Florida


She is the typical girl who likes to be with every husband. She always pretend to be insecure like she doesn’t kill nobody. She look to get papers in your country like she is the homeless. She been in several counties so be aware of this. She offer with no protection to all the guys. She later say to them was them faul for make her trust. She is always innocent. She is always the poor thing. She is the girl who doesn’t ask money straight forward. She love to pretend and act you like she couldn’t live without you and your help because she is the always the new girl in the new country. I catch her with my husband and after that I found out that she was with more husbands here in the states. She call herself Gabi. She is not Gabi. She is Marilia Assis the Brazilian hooker. She said to be pregnant of my husband later she hide herself. She is full of bullshit

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