Marilyn M. Mendoza – San Bernardino, California California


Marilyn M. Mendoza lies to anyone even herself. She knew I was with him for 13 years. She had no problem coming to my house to sleep with him in my bed. Take a shower using all my stuff and still stole my perfume, makeup, jewlery, and clothes. Why not do it in your own home? I decided to ask her myself, why? She told me it was not serious, she has a man that she is in love with. She also told me she had been in that position and would never want to do it to another woman. When she found out her man had moved on everything changed now she doesn’t leave my ex alone. She still won’t  accept that she did this knowing he wasn’t single which makes her the home wrecker she is. She has never been faithful and always has 2 or more man at a time since she can handle being single or alone.

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