Marina Birch – Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia


This woman desperately attempted to destroy a family by going after my fiance for a steady 4 1/2 years with her thirst for my fiance. Multiple times she tried to befriend me and blaming him and claiming she didn’t want him at all. That she just thought I deserved to know because she knows how it feels to be cheated on. LOL!! I told her to stop fucking contacting him and myself. No doubt she succeeded destroying our family, after dealing with this bullshit for so long i was sick of it and ended the relationship. The kids were torn apart and angry at their father. His family hated her. Did I mention she had other men on the line besides him, guess she kept a rotation but wanted mine the most. No less than 2 weeks later he dropped her and begged for his family back. We are repairing our family now and stronger than we have ever been…. By the way, hunny….. I laughed so hard when a friend of his showed me a text about how you’re the worse fuck he’s ever had and at that time he was still with you!!!! After being lied to, cheated on and enraged, seeing that text was gold beyond measure!! Bless your heart… #yehimpettyand?

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