Marina Valber Gonzalez – Long Beach, California California


So they met at a bar and her pick up line was showing a picture of her kids and asking if he was ready to be their new daddy. Marina Valber Gonzalez perused him knowing he was married and had kids. That didn’t stop her one bit because not only did she mess around behind her husbands back she was already with someone while doing it. Within a matter of days he was living with her and now their a happy couple. She talks bad about his wife and even posts things on her facebook about her. She doesn’t see any thing wrong with what their doing. She even posts about how much better she is and how the wife needs to get over it. She even posts how much he spends time with her kids, how her kids love him, and how wonderful it all is. I highly doubt his or her family know what devastation they caused cause their all fine with it. In a matter of weeks she started calling his mom momma and she refers to her as daughter. Its sickening. All you ladies out there watch out. She’s still active on fling and tinder and I know she still sleeps with her ex’s. Your man might be next!!!!

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