Marine Taxidermy – Roberto Hernandez Pena Brampton Ontario Review


i was in Ixtapa in January and decided to book a fishing trip, the boat was called gran defe and the captains name was Ruben, it was a great day of fishing and i was fortunate enough to catch a 9 foot sail fish,The captain suggested that i have it mounted and upon our return to the marina the owner of the boat Abel Cortez was waiting for us, he quoted me a price of $800, $600 at that time and the balance when the trophy was ready for shipment, i filled in all the paperwork and everything looked legitimate,About three weeks later (which i thought was kind of early) i was informed by Roberto Hernandez pena the owner of Marine Taxidermy that the trophy was ready for shipment and to forward the balance of the money, i should have been suspicious when i was asked to do a money transfer to his personal bank account, Needless to say the sail fish never arrived i have emailed mr Pena numerous times and was assured that it would be shipped soon and that he would provide me with a UPS tracking number, it has now got to the point that he no longer answers his phone or emails, The boat owner Abel Cortez has assured me that he is trying the deal with Mr Pene to get the fish sent but i find it hard to believe that he is not involved in this somehowIt seems that i am not the only one that has been taken in by this man and that many boat owners are recommending him, i don’t know how i would go about retrieving my money or who i could complain to to try and put this man out of business If any of you go to Mexico i recommend the fishing but beware of anyone trying to sell you on having your catch mounted

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