Mariner Finance, LLC Review


I received a check in the mail from Mariner Finance for $1200. The terms of the loan were listed on the back of the check: $60.xx for 26 months, of which I received a coupon book in the mail! Now they call saying they can give me an additional $500 increasing the total of the loan to $1700, saying it would be an unsecured loan. So I go there, they ask for proof of income, gives me a form to list nearest relatives not living with me, and here’s the catch, before I can get the ck for the additional $500, I was given a Schedule A “Collateral List To Note & Security Agreement” a comprehensive list of categories ranging from all the assets and values of all assets both personal and business. The loan is to be unsecured, so I tell them I don’t want the loan because they were deceptive. Now they have all my ssn: Credit Report Items, Home Address, Income,,, My point, these people are deceptive, liers, and will use any tactic to get you to take out a loan! I plan on paying them off in three months, no penalties so they claim! Let’s wait and see! .

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