Marissa Baker – Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Merissa Baker is (in my opinion) a whore. She walked up to a married coworker (my best friends husband) of hers dropped to her knees, pulled out his junk and went to town. They had sex a couple times after and when this coworker told her he didn’t want to continue, two weeks later she told him she was pregnant to keep him around. By the way she is married and had 3 kids at the time. I have an email where she clearly states that “she was willing to give up EVERYTHING for him, and he knew that she could possibly lose her kids, but she loved him so much she couldn’t bare the thought of being without him”. I have tons of dirty explicit text messages, pictures, etc… That she sent to this man. She also had a 3 some with him and another guy while she was pregnant, she went into emergency labor a few days later. After my friends husband had a DNA test he called it off with her and that’s when she started telling everyone the baby was his even though it wasnt. I have a copy of the test to prove its not his. I have also found out from someone who knows her that this isn’t the first or six time she has cheated on her husband.

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