Marissa Garcia – Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico


This raunchy ass hoe is Marissa Garcia she’s the actual homewrecker! She was dating my man behind my back while I was going through a seperation to figure out if my husband and I were going to work on our marriage. Not only did she full his head with bullshit she thought it would be cute to make a fake story about me on here. Apparently she’s 7 months pregnant and married to my husband. Can we say f*cked in the head? || She stated I’m fat and pathetic but hey weight can be lost but your ugly ass man face horse teeth is going to need more then plastic surgery. Bitch made me look fabulous! Seriously thought she was Goro from mortal combat hahaha. Well anyway this skinny no ass and no tit stick tried to wreck my marriage even after my husband left her an came back to me. Honey he used you to piss me off. It worked but hey I hope you had fun kissing him after his mouth was all up in my pussy!

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