Marissa Miller – Northfield, New Jersey New Jersey


She works for an ambulance squad and is around police officers and firefighters all day and night long. She loves to move in by becoming their caring friend, knowing these men have families at home with small children young children. When she doesn’t get what she wants, she beats herself up in front of whoever is there. She will leave her partner in the rig to go in police stations and have sex on sargents desks while on duty. Just what we need in our community. Some whore trying to take your husband while working when they are suppose to be taking care of patients. || Most of her patients die on her because she’s a sucky emt who really should find a different field. She is a child who I believe didn’t get what she needed for her own parents, so she had to try and take someone else’s life to make her self feel better. She is a dirty ho who needs a reality check.She needs to move on find her own man who is not already taken. She needs to be honest and people need to know what kind of girl she really is. A low self esteem home wrecker who doesn’t but does have to much time on there hands it’s sad she can’t start her own life she has to take from others. And if she doesn’t get her own way after beating herself, she will say she’s going to kill her self because she’s not good for anyone and then file restraining orders against the other guy who didn’t give her the time or day.Well, b*tch, karma is a b*tch and you will get yours one way or another.

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