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This company sends you notices in the mail making you think your vessel registration is expired. They gouge you on the price, where you can go to the Government website and register for 25% of the cost. I realized shortly after I called to renew my vessel documentation thet it was not even supposed to expire for another 2 months. I then called to tell them and they said they would cancel it and they would send me a cancellation confirmation email, (they also stated the conversation was recorded) the next day I received a confirmation but it was not for cancellation but rather for confirmation of the order. I then called them to express my displeasure and they said the order went through, I told them I called within 1 hour of my original call and to listen to the recording, he said he could not help me. I called back about an hour later and he said he did listen to the call and that the attendent did say he would cancel the transaction, but then he told me that he could not help me and my card was charged anyways.

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