MäritzMayer Laboratories Review


Maritzmayer Laboratories, which is owned by Private Label Nutraceuticals and run by Bjarte Rene, was recently named as a defendant in a MAJOR class-action lawsuit. The class-action lawsuit alleges two major issues: 1. Consumers were sold FAKE Green Coffee Bean Extract, which did not contact any Green Coffee Bean, but instead had sugar inside of it. Consumers were not notified that they were buying a fake product, nor were they made aware of the sugar placed in the pill. This endangered potentially milions of diabetics that were unwittingly swallow a sugar pill instead of Green Coffee Bean. Taken from the lawsuit: “Defendants have broadly disseminated and continue to make misrepresentations and/or omissions regarding the Private Label Green Coffee Extract Product line of supplements. Specifically, Defendants represent, through marketing, advertising, packaging, labeling, and other forms of marketing, advertising, and promotions, that the Private Label Green Coffee Extract Product line of supplements is a “Green Coffee Bean Extract” and/contains green coffee bean extract. In fact, the Private Label Green Coffee Extract Product line of supplements contains a sugar compound similar to Maltose, contains no or only trace amounts of chlorogenic acid and does not contain green coffee bean extract.” 2. Consumers were duped into believing that they were buying Green Coffee Bean Extract from Martizmayer Laboratories through false advertising. Defendants’ labeling, marketing, promoting, advertised, etc., of the Private Label Green Coffee Extract Products as containing “green coffee extract” violates the following laws, among others: .

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