Mark Anthony Thorton aka MDOT aka MyCityGoingGlobal aka M-CITY7-23-85


New York

He is a thief who steals from his family????Beats women????and cheats on his sons mother with multiple woman but the worst part is he tells these woman he doesn’t have a son or that she doesn’t allow him to see his son!!Lies!!!!HE IS NO GOOD DOESNT TAKE CARE OF HIS FAMILY AND SLEEPS WITH LOTS OF WOMEN INCLUDING FELA FIG,LATICIA BRADLEY,AND NUMEROUS OTHERS MY COUSIN IS HEARTBROKEN SHE TOOK HIM BACK SO MANY TIMES SHE LEFT TO GO BACK FOR THE LOVE AND FAMILY BUT THIS LAST TIME HE HURT HER SHE IS STILL REVOVERING I AM SENDING THIS TO WARN WOMAN AND MEN TO BE CAREFUL

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