Mark Hadden – Omaha, Nebraska Men


Well I know of this guy he is a truck driver and he cheats on his wife ae thought he could get away with cheating cause he a truck driver. Well he has been messing around with another truck driver and got HIV. He sleeps with all kinds of woman and doesn’t tell them. He goes to the southeast all the time like the Carolina’s and Tennessee and he runs east coast once in a while. So he likes young girls to. He drives for a company out of council bluffs Iowa. Called accutran. So ladies be aware he doesn’t care if he cheats on anyone. He been doing it for a long time to his wife and she just found out. Thank God they quit sleeping together . He got HIV ABOUT 6 MONTHS AGO. HE HAS SLEPT WITH OTHER GIRLS SO I PRAY HE DIDN’T GIVE IT TO THEM.

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