Mark Hammell


Liar Cheater Man, Pennsylvania

Mark fancies himself a good guy. He’s really a cheating a**hole. He likes to collect women that he calls his “fan club”. Currently he has 4, however adds more frequently using facebook and other various dating sites. He cheated on his pregnant girlfriend, while he was living with her, and to make it worse, he chooses to spend time with his “fan club” members over spending time with his 2 month old baby. He uses excuses like working overtime at work, going to the gym, and even going to church to cover up his infidelities. All women in the northwest NJ/north east and central PA areas need to watch out for this cheater. He currently lives in East Stroudsburg PA but claims he lives in Marshalls Creek, and he works out of Dover NJ for NJ Transit as an assistant welder. WATCH OUT LADIES!!!10626622_341391482695116_2748743504783797111_n.jpg (191 KB)MARK HAMMELL

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