Mark Ortiz San Gabriel California


Complaint: Mark J. Ortiz D.O.B. June 6th 1990 stole my copyrighted videos off the youtube social networking site and used them against me taunting me with them for years. He harrassed me by private messages also as I explained to him my videos were copyrighted and he could not do that he said, ” I am just going to keep uploading them and you can’t stop me.”” At that time I informed an FBI agent I was working with of his messages to me and the fact he was working in conjunction with two other youtube members on an hate campaign

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: an harrassment campaign

Website: “” which is a Federal Hate Crime. He opened youtube accounts with my real name calling me gay slurs

Phone: taunting me with my old videos he had stolen off the youtube system. He then placed my copyrighted videos on his own private server and distributed them which I informed the FBI agent I was working with about. When I filed DMCA’s against him for uploading my copyrighted content he kept re-uploading them which is Felony Willful Copyright Infringement and I reported that to the FBI. He harrassed me for years inconjunction with Alexander Grant and Rebecca Bidwell whom both have reports filed on this website. I wrote Mark Ortiz a Cease and Desist contact letter in July of 2012 as I was asked to by the FBI agent I am working with and he made a video out of it taunting me more and laughing about it. When he posted personal information about me on the Hate Site Encyclopedia Dramatica he made the comment “” because why not.”” He used my name as the powerword in that hate site so it would come up in google search. and said “” because why not.”” He was obcessed with posting as many pictures of me that he had scalped off my old videos on the Hate Site Encyclopedia Dramatica in conjunction with derogatory gay slurs. He posted many pictures of me on that Hate Site. He did not realize that the FBI was already involved with his co-conspirators in this Hate Crime Campaign. That the FBI had already been monitoring Alexander Grant and Rebecca Bidwell. He then posted my private pictures and scalped images of me to further harrass me and intimidate me on the Encyclopedia Dramatica Website

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