Mark Seckinger


Mark is from pooler Ga, turns out he lives with someone but I only found that out with a PI..I knew this man over a year, and dated almost 4 months I thought he was off at first should of listened to my gut, the one thing that made me uncomfortable he always ask for pics, and weird ones at take a leg shot of it out of the covers…thats the only G rated one he wanted…He drives a truck pulling cranes.. but beware he uses apps zello ( strip’n pole channel) ( that should of told me something ) , tender, POF, thanks to spending a little money I found out all I needed and then I found out the woman he lives with works where he does. I finally told him about the PI, he had started being less available..that threw up the red flag!!! and that I was calling her he begged me he was telling me the truth..she was a f****** b**** that got pregnant on purpose, they dont live as a couple..etc so i said well she can tell me ..I led him on then for 2 weeks threatening him I was calling until he broke and told on himself…Of course he put his own spin on it, but it’s exactly what I wanted to happen…the player got played!!! Because I would have NEVER made that call. of course I was the bad guy according to her, because she calked me …I just simply said believe whatever he told you I have been recording conversations etc for the last month, i have pics of us together ..and that I threatened to tell her, that’s why he came clean … I told her either he is psycho or he isn’t getting what he needs from you so you both deserve each other…why is it when a man cheats his wife/gf always blame the other woman?? Don’t you get it he lied about being with you that means he doest respect you, get mad at him!!!!

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