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I am so disappointed. I made an order since 3/030/2019 and paid with my credit card and the shipment suppose to be reach me from 1- 4 working days after payment. The amount has been deducted from my account, and then I received a call from the website (marka vip) asking me to send them a screen shot from the deduction sms and from my credit card! I communicate again with them through the live chat and told them that it is not legal to send you a picture of my card or tell you any detail about it. But they insist that if I didn’t send them the picture of the last 4 digits of my card they will cancel the shipment. Then I received an email from them asking me again to send them the screen shot for the sms (or) the first 6 digits or last 4 digits of my payment card. So, I send them a screen shot of the deduction sms and covered the card details. As it is illegal to send such information, and I asked the bank as well and advised me no to send the card picture. As no one asking for the card picture! And after waiting for almost one week. I surprised that they call me again on 09/03/2019 telling me that they have canceled the shipment!!! Because I didnt send them the card picture. I told them that you said in the email the sms (or) the card, and I did send you the sms! It is not your right to cancel my shipment as I have already paid for it and deducted from my card! As she said their higher manager (sumaya) this is their procedure and they have nothing to do now. And the amount might return withen 15 working days!!! Which is totally not acceptable because the agreement was to receive me shipment withen 1 – 4 working days. And now they want to return the amount withen 15 working days!!! Which caused me a lot of problems because I need the amount to solve my issue that they put me in! She (sumaya) just keep to apologize without solving my problem! I told her re-ship it again and I will pay it on delivery, but she didn’t reply to me. It was very very very bad experience with that website and will never deal with them again. As unfortunately I have ordered from them previously.

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