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Market leader provided the promise of good scrubbed leads of which I pay a whopping $580.00 a month, have worked the leads hard for 5 months now and I am in a one year contract, here is the pattern I see. By the way My background is 14 years in Real Estate and I am a broker so I know my trade, the manner people act when they are purchasing and how to work a lead. The pattern; (1) leads like jack frost and Lois lane, (1) the leads sign up one day and a few days later they show bogus email address (after the time frame to cancel the lead or have it replaced with a new one), (3) several in a row search exact same pricing within 3-4 days of each other, (4) several chose pricing lower than my designated market, (5) four of them changed to rentals within 3 days of signing up; (6) when searching google for the name, email or occassional phone number showed (no results) a dead give away of a bogus lead. (7) When calling immediately after lead provided phone number no answer, next day no answer, no answer ever. (8) No activity, not one showing, nothing. Tried to cancel 2 times, their accounting department is a well oiled machine, they sing song you from accounting to sales to accounting, its a dance, their objective seperate agents from their money with the promise of services, once I was told 4 months just isn’t enough time you have good leads just work them, other people are successful and you should be too, really????? We agents tend to throw money at many things to make our buz work, don’t make that mistake with this company, its an agent eating machine with nothing but promise, by the way trulia bought them out for millions so where do you think these leads really go to and come from. Save your money and I will continue to fight to get out of this contract, by the way they said I had a 3 day right when I first signed up to get out of the contract///Can you work a lead and have results in 3 days I can’t. There are good lead generating systems out there, this isn’t one. .

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