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Complaint: I was called and told they would build me 2 websites for $795. One website would be directly tied to Amazon and I would recieve money from ads they would run on this site when people would buy from Amazon through the Amazon Associates site. They sold me an advertising package for $2995 that would garantee 80,000 customers would visit both of my pages in 6 months. The other webpage would be for other consumers to sign up and I would be paid a percentage for each new customer. They sign you up for the Amazon Associates site and give you a password. My daughter bought something from my Amazon page, so when I looked to see if I got paid, the site had been shut down. I contacted an Amazon representative who told me that they did not recognize this site as a legitimate site and they would not pay me anything ever. They could not say that it was a fraudulent site. I started calling customer service which is a joke. They will not connect you with anyone who can help you and no one will call you back. I finally talked to a David Clark who said he would rebuild me a site and if I was not happy in one month he would refund my money. He would send e-mails saying he was working on it, but I could never get him on the phone and he would not return my calls. I finally sent letters to the company and David called me. I told him I was tired of their scam and I wanted my money back. Again! David then connected me with Steve who said they do not refund money but that they were still working on my new website. It was taking longer than they thought, but it should be ready in about a week. Still nothing after 2 or 3 weeks. Sent them an e-mail and said I was going to contacy local law enforcement fraud division and report them. They started calling me on the phone but I did not respond. James Allen e-mailed me that they would refund my money. They refunded my $795 dollars and said it would take 7-21 days to refund my $2995 dollars as they had to take my ads down. That was on March the 9th, 2015. When tried to contact them by e-mail but they have me blocked.

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Address: 5156 W Olive Ave Suite 477 Glendale, Arizona USA


Phone: 855-855-1842

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