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Complaint: Guess what? IF you want to be an independent contractor and not a real employee that gets paid by commission, then this is the job for you. However, understand that legally you do not have to go to work from the specified hours, six days a week that they tell you do. You are either an independent contract or a paid employee not a mix of both that only benefits the company itself. Watchout youthful Connecticut college grad this is a scam-like operation. Work all day and get next to nothing. In real sales you can find your own leads and connections but when you are given cold calls and leads that the company itself (ATT, Direct Energy, BJs) cannot get to sign up or buy then ask yourself one question: Will you yourself, the employee likely be making money? Of course the answer is NO. Cydcor uses these independently owned offices, and tends to fund them as well so that they stay open for years and suck you in. The company names change but the people do notat least the same faces have been in CT for a few years. Dont believe me? Research the following company names: List of Businesses Opened up by the Marketing Solutions in Hartford, CT partners and their affiliates: CT Jan. 2012 new business starts: Consulting, Inc., 151 New Park Ave Suite 19, Hartford, CT 06106. Amanda Bush, president. & Director Oct. 2011 new business starts: 13, Inc., 40 South Street, 1st Floor, Unit B, West Hartford, CT 06110. Michael Catherwood, president. New England Marketing Partners, Inc., 151 New Park Ave., Ste. 19, Hartford, CT 06106. Jason Ward, president. CT August 2011 New Business starts: Marketing, Inc., 151 New Park Ave Ste 2, Hartford, CT 06106. Sergio Delrosso, director. Pan Global Consulting, Inc., 151 New Park Ave Ste 2, Hartford, CT 06106. Frank Fellone, president. CT July 2011 new business starts: Business Partners, Inc., Joshua Burke, director, 40 South St. – 1st Flr., Unit B, West Hartford, CT, 06110. CT Oct. 2010 new business starts: Marketing, Inc. 151 New Park Avenue, Suite #2, Hartford, CT 06106. Sergio Delrosso, president. CT Jan 2009 new business starts: Marketing Concepts Inc., 151 New Park Ave., #2, Hartford, Ct 06106. Michael Catherwood, director. HmmHow can you open up a company in the same suite 2 with the same concept in October 2010, then change the nameopps, I mean start a new company less than a year later in August of 2011? Here they are, the list of past and present companies that uses Cydcor/Dsmax as their business broker: Colossal Marketing Concepts 151 New Park Ave., #2, Hartford, Ct 06106. Northeast Marketing Inc – August 2011 151 New Park Ave, Suite 2 Hartford CT Pan Global Consulting – August 2011 151 New Park Ave, Suite 9 Hartford CT 860-586-2350 Integrated Concepts 151 New Park Ave Hartford, CT 860-231-6260 Visionquest Consulting, Inc. 151 New Park Ave, Hartford, CT 06106-2170 (860) 231-6260 Pinnacle Marketing 151 New Park Ave Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 231 – 6258 New England Cognitive Center Offices 151 New Park Avenue Suite 9 Hartford, Connecticut 06106 860-586-2350 NE Partners – 151 New Park Ave # 19, Hartford, CT (860) 231-6241 CT Entertainment Group, Inc. 330 Main St, 1st Floor Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 305-1461 CT Entertainment Group, Inc. (860) 241-8075 241 Main Street Suite 204, Hartford, CT 06106 Northeast Marketing Co (860) 673-2496 8 Covey Rd, Burlington, CT Directions Northeast Marketing Co (860) 673-2496 Burlington, CT, 06013-1705 The Maine House Group 35 Corporate Dr #1135 Trumbull, CT 06611 Northeast Consulting Group Inc (203) 880-5011 35 Corporate Dr #1135 Trumbull, CT 06611-1355 Happy Hunting Everyone!

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