Markita Williams Adams – Cleveland, Ohio Ohio


Where do I start? My husband met Markita Williams from work, they supposedly started off as friends. My husband told me they were just coworkers who had a lot in common. I didn’t think much of it at the time until a few months later he told me he was leaving me for her. I was devastated. I stopped all contact with him and they began a relationship. It was so hard to try to move on, but I did it for my son. We have a three year old together. Later she asked if she could call me so we could talk and I could give her some answers she was looking for so I agreed, I was just so desperate to get her away from my husband and maybe get my marriage back on track so she called me and was really nice, which didn’t fool me… I told her very nicely to stay away from my husband but she had the audacity to ask if him and I were still intimate. I told her none of her business and then she dropped a bombshell, she was pregnant with my husbands baby. She sent pics of her pregnancy test but was hesitant to let us come to an appointment to get validation that it was true. My husband started telling me that she was crazy and that she couldn’t be pregnant cause they used protection the one time they had sex. She kept this up for months and my husband eventually cut her off and told her to leave him alone. She still continued to call him and message him about the baby for a few months, he’d just ignore her. Finally I told him to ask for proof and he did which led to her sending paperwork from an old pregnancy test. (I’m a nurse so I know how to read those things). He confronted her and she said it wasn’t true and I was lying. A few weeks went by and my husband got a call from her saying she’d had a miscarriage. How convenient. I called her from my husbands phone and let her have it. I knew she was never pregnant and I was determined to prove it. I had a few mutual friends as her on fb so I contacted them and they told me the truth, she wasn’t pregnant and she had a mental illness that made her go after married men. Markita Williams gets a thrill out of seeking out taken men and pretending to be pregnant to keep them. My husband was also in the military previously and was taking medication for PTSD and she even convinced him he didn’t need to take his meds any more, that there was nothing wrong with him so she could manipulate him. Once she realized that she couldn’t get to him anymore she started harassing me. She’d message me and send me old messages of him saying he loved her and missed her to try to break us up but I had had enough. I told her that if she kept this up I was calling the police for harassment. She eventually left us alone but she is mentally unstable and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I’ve heard from her. Then about a month later we found out that she was engaged the entire time and her fiance had no idea that she was messing around with my husband. I messaged him and told him everything and he was shocked. I got tested and am waiting on my results to make sure I don’t have any STDs cause our mutual friends told me that she sleeps around a lot and tries to get men to fall in love with her. It took months to get her out of our lives but I think my husband learned his lesson to never cheat on me again. This has been a nightmare. So if you’re in the Cleveland, Ohio area, beware. She’s a predator and prays on married and taken men.

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