Marks Electrical Complaint


David Boulter 28 Lymington Road Leicester LE51LS Order No. SO-556191 Dear Sir/Madam Can I start by saying how disappointed I am with the level of service I”ve received from Marks Electrical. I ordered a Samsung Product online on the 24/11/2017, and you gave me a delivery date of 08/12/17 this come and went with know contact from yourself. I rang on the 13/12/17 and I was told the unit was now being delivered on the 22/12/17. This is a month after my original purchase date. I rang 4 times between these dates asking for a confirmed delivery from Samsung, and call backs from yourself. None of these come back from a lady called Charlotte . I asked to speak to a Manager called Amy I think, she said she said she would call me today and give me a update. and of course know call. I”ve called into the office and they have said it min”t be the 28/12/17. My freezer is broken in my current Product and you haven”t helped with my stress levels by taking five weeks to supply a order that you quote 8 – 14 working days, and I still haven”t got it. I don”t want another make or model, I want the product I ordered, has it fits the gap in my kitchen it has a five year warranty and has the larger internal size. I am so disjointed with the lack of professionalism from a company that quotes five star service

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