Marnie – Saugus, Massachusetts Massachusetts


Marnie is from Saugus Massachusetts. She grew up in Somerville/Wakefield area. She is a social worker with the Department of Children and Family. You would think she would hold her self to a high standard but she does not. She suffers from an abusive marriage and has anorexia/bulmia. You should see her teeth from making herself vomit. She is grossly underweight, and claims she is just thin. Yeah right. She confided in my husband about her problems time and time again. She even had the nerve to offer marriage advice to him about our marriage. Her son is involved in many sports, so she has ample opportunity to prey on married men. She is a horrible mother as well. She often yells at her son if he makes a mistake or she feels he is not trying enough. My heart goes out to him. I can only imagine the abuse he must get at home. Marnie, take your wrinkly forehead and teenage boy body to a Burger King and eat some food. Stay away from my husband. He does not want your texts or to hear about your marriage.

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