Maronda Homes Complaint


A story of caution when dealing with Maronda Homes. In early 2014 we entered into a contract with Maronda Homes to build a new home in Palm Coast FL. We signed the contract, put down a $5, 000 deposit and gave them a loan commitment letter within 10 days. A couple of months went by and construction started on the house. About a month after construction started disaster struck when my husband lost his job. In fact the company he worked for closed it”s doors with no warning. Everyone was unemployed in one day. You can only imagine the devastation this can cause. One day you have a great job and then – wham – that job is gone. In this area jobs such as my husbands are not easy to find. We knew that we would have to back out of the house so we immediately went to a local Attorney to help us cancel the contract we had signed with Maronda Homes. Our Attorney did a wonderful job and sent Maronda Homes a very detailed letter explaining why we had NO CHOICE but to back out of the purchase of this home. (You can”t purchase a $200K home when you”ve lost the main income in your family). We notified Maronda Homes within a few weeks of the loss of my husbands job as we wanted to be fair to Maronda Homes and give them plenty of time to find someone else that could purchase the home and customize it to their liking. So here my issue with Maronda Homes. My husband and I went out of our way to give Maronda Homes prompt and full notice of why we had to back out of the purchase of the home so that they could find another party to purchase the home and customize it – which they did. We kept tabs on it and they found a new buyer for the house even before the home was finished. Once closed the house was sold for more money than the price in our contract (seemed that they had a price increase on all their homes during construction which the new purchaser was hit with) so Maronda Homes lost no money on the deal. In fact they made money because they kept – yes KEPT – OUR ENTIRE $5, 000 DEPOSIT. They would not return even one cent of this deposit, which would have really helped us given that my husband was then unemployed and we hardly had enough money to pay our bills. Yes the contract does state that Maronda Homes can do this in the event you have to back out after the loan commitment is given by your mortgage holder. So to buyers out there please just be aware that if you sign a contract and have to back out for any reason – including the fact that you have lost your only source of income and can no longer afford the home – you will likely lose your entire deposit. They will not give any of it back even if they sell the house for more money to someone else. Now I ask you this. Would it kill Maronda Homes to give someone their deposit back – or even a portion of it – in such cases? We didn”t back out because we changed our minds or had buyers remorse. Please just be aware of this when signing a contract with Maronda Homes or, as our Attorney advised, any homebuilder.

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