Marsai Belton Cincinnati Ohio


Complaint: Marsai Belton is a reported scam artist located in Cincinatti Ohio, she will often create sad or dramatic stories on her Youtube channel-TheBellsPlusOne about her husband or even her daughter just to scam her subscribers out of money. For example, she and her husband Uriah Bell created a fake story about him being a drug addicted and Marsai needing for people to donate money to her so that she and her daughter could safely move away from er drug addicted husband, sad story right, only it was a complete lie and when people figured out that her husband was never on drugs they attempted to contact Marsai about getting their money back. She took down the GoFundMe page where she recived donations and refused to respond to the people wanting there money back. She even went as far as to lie about ever creating the GoFundMe. This is one of her many internet scams. Landlords beware, she is known around the Cincinatti Ohio area to go to dramatic measures to break her lease. She and her husband are known to destory the inside of the home and stage a break in so that they can break their lease on the ground of them “not feeling safe””.”

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA



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