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Complaint: Marshall Leonard, or Todd Leonard (depending on the amount of alcohol and cocaine consumed) has accomplished so much more than just being a deadbeat dad (which he does well). He is also a well round misadventure for his clients. Most of his clients are lied to with a preposterous result-focused advertising campaign, that he does not have the resources, contacts or affiliations to execute. But that doesn’t stop him from taking their money and asking for cash so he doesnt have to turn it in to his boss. Somehow he will have a delicately planned conversation to attempt and divert the blame for this situation to someone that somehow MADE him do it. Criminal minded. BEWARE FRIENDS!!! – Marshall Leonard has a 17 year history of moving in on new friends (which he does well) and acquiring sympathy from them. This helps him for about 3 months at a time. At that time he is kicked out of what ever friends house he lived in and goes back to his poor mom and dad in florida. But they dont want him either for the same reason. But they take him because they have to. Look up advertisiing on Wikipedia then test him on the industry that he KNOWS SO WELL! Its funny how he can’t answer anything correctly. He closed a client by using the words “Vector Marketing””… There is no such thing as vector marketing. He heard those words from me. Vector Marketing is a multi-level marketing group. Not a marketing strategy. But he only got $150 a month out of them. He has been fired from the following companies for these reason. Feel free to contact them and verify my report. Cellnet wireless – Dave Rush – 13201 Ranch Rd 620 N Bld U Ste 204Austin

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Address: TX 78717(512) 249-0099 Mall Media Corp – owner Gerald Shvartsman – 786-351-3470 Treasure Coast Media – Joe Clements – [email protected] Ross Marketing Group – now Ross Experiential Marketing – – 1044 Southeast Dixie Cutoff Road

Website: Stuart- (772) 288-4854 I could go on for days

Phone: Stuart- (772) 288-4854 Chlorinators Inc. – – 1044 Southeast Dixie Cutoff Road

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