Martin Riley Auto Outlet Review


Martin Riley Auto “Brandon” Scam!! Sold me a faulty Vehicle. falsified carfax. “No Warranty” Knew parts of vehicle would stop working.. They use their own mechanics, they lie to the customers saying the vehicle runs fine when it does not.. when trying to reach someone they are conveniently “not in the building” or just no response at all. When texting them with an issue, all they say it too bad. find a mechanic we can’t help you. Example; Bought an SUV looked at the vehicle, test drove it. they “cleaned” the interior and exterior of the vehicle. they sparayed the tires with some type of solution or product to make it seem like the tires were “new” so when looking at it you cant tell until it wears off.. once whatever product they used the tires were complety bald!!! when trying to contact them all of a sudden they dont exist.. so when you call them, they ask you your name and the car your are wanting to purchase or interested in purchasing. If you have already purchased the vehicle that’s when they say they aren’t in.. also informed them that the car shakes and some time stalls, once i finally received an answer, again they say that’s on you. I have had the vehicle looked at, and was informed that the transmission was bad, it was just wiped cleaned to make it look good when I opened the hood upon the initial viewing before purchasing the vehicle. also the accelerator sensors were bad. But trust me they are real quick to take that car payment each month or every two weeks! not to mention the so called “gps” monitor they install, its a kill switch! and only they can turn it on but they never answer the phones! Fredricksburg Virginia


  • Name: Martin Riley Auto Outlet
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Fredericksburg
  • Address: 10 Perchwood Dr
  • Phone: 540-658-1377
  • Website:

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