Martina Marti Brigham James – Burbank, California California


So this ugly fat floozy helped destroy a 7 year relationship knowing that there was a child involved . She didn’t care about helping destroy a family. Caught them in a hotel the first day they started there affair like come on floozy the first day he asks u out u go to a hotel. || Anyways she hid in the bathroom the min she heard me knocking stayed hiding calling the police while I was beating his ass. She didn’t even come out to help him. Scary floozy. He had to beg her to come out since she was that scared the police had to beg her to come out. Even after that she encourages him not to be in his child’s life. She’s so disgusting she took plan b pill only a week of knowing him- that’s some hood rat stuff. She leaves tampons in his car. || She even stayed with him like a nasty floozy knowing me and him was still having sex even when I provided texts videos. sges disgusting no wonder her mom sent her away from Arizona. She even told my ex she’s terrified of me, but wants to run her mouth and when someone confronts her she blocks them.

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