Mary Aloe Dallas Texas Review


Dear All, nI’d like to write a report concerning Chapman Aloe Vera run by what I hear is a bright young lady in her mid 20s by the name of “Mary Aloe Studebaker Chapman””? Or Mary Aloe Studebaker? The company website is located at I used to have no problem with them but ever since there site went down I haven’t been able to contact their customer service line by phone or email. Does anyone else have a similar experience? nMy wife swears by the product and we use it on some of her burns. The company claims that it has a Miracle Formula mixed with Aloe Vera

East Asian Herbs and Spices that not only cause the skin to heal but also stimulate blood flow because of the differences in temperature. nPlease hurry up and contact me back. nMy order number is #000843. I ordered 5 bottles last week and placed on FedEx shipping and the bottles have not arrived! I will update this report again very shortly.”

4 MILLS RD #221 Newcastle, Maine United States of America

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