Mary Campbell Pool – Valrico, Florida Florida


She’s been so called friends with this guy for years. She had an affair with him a few years ago while he was with his baby mama. Then he meets this other girl after being single for 2 years. They just got married at the end of last year, and I can’t believe that she would go around bragging about how well endowed this other woman’s husband is, she brags about him going to her for everything! Advice, sex etc. and how he goes and meets up with her at her job! It’s just sad and it turns my stomach that I’m even associated with this drunk! That’s right I said drunk! This thing that’s suppose to be married to another man for over 10years is bragging about destroying this woman’s marriage? I feel so sorry for her and what she’s going through that’s even if she even knows about the 2 of them! I just cannot will not carry that burden knowing what I know about her and we are still suppose to be friends, I’m kinda scared that she will go after my husband!

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