Mary Grace Condello, Esq.


This motherfucking W**** of a Family Law Attorney has as much compassion and concern for you and your case as much as a tool booth operator, unless you’re a pretty woman, in which case she will try and molest you while representing you. She is a full on bull-dyke lesbian who smells like 3 day old tuna fish sandwich which someone left in a glove compartment on a hot sunny day. This b****-c*** of a family lawyer will drop your case when you need her the most, and will betray you to the other side by accepting bribes from opposing counsel in order to purposefully f*** your case and throw it to the other side. Do not EVER trust this lesbian c***-rag as she is a Satanic w**** and will most definitely throw you under the bus. Watch out for her lesbian partner in crime, Criminal Defense Attorney Lisa Pelosi, who is also a disloyal and betraying incompetent f***-tard. They both refer cases to one another but they both split the fees. Watch out for them both, the cancer-ridden ingrates. Also do not sign her retainer agreement or pay her fees as she is way over-priced and is definitely not worth the money.

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