Mary Lewis – Sykesville, Maryland Maryland


MaMary Lewis is A low life whore who lies to men about who she is and uses anxiety to make men feel sorry for her. She will also speak to the wife and let her know everything’s OK and nothing is going on because she feeds off of knowing she’s destroying someone else’s life (high off the power and feeling in control), but in the most sickest way possible. She also uses drugs and is capable of being very manipulative. Mary will try to inspire with saying how much she’s into art and traveling and how she sees only the beauty in things, when secretly, she only hates herself so she has to destroy others. She likes to play dumb and she’ll cover any husband’s ass if needed, even after knowing obviously being a whore is wrong, especially when you’re destroying a family. I feel the need that I need to warn others about her actions before it’s too..sadly. she is my husbands PTSD to her advantage. With that being said, she’s a tag chaser as well and I hope my post will help others know who she really is and what she’s capable of doing.

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