Mary Louise Parker & Associates, LLC. Review


Mary Louise Parker of ML Parker Law ( a law firm located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) is probably one of the most horrible people walking the earth. | She is the type of person that creates such venom between the parties so that they continuously engage in a long drawn out legal battle that ultimately only profits her in the end. Instead of trying to deal with the issues and create a common ground between the parties, or open the lines of communication, she likes to create chaos. | Her father must be rolling in his grave. This family at one time was a real church going group of christians and to think that her father would sometimes pay the heat for the local church in Stroudsburg and now his daughter creates chaos between couples trying to amicably end their marriage or settle their differences in court regarding custody of their child. | She loves billing people for everything that she creates more work for. That is really the ultimate complaint here. She is just a local yocal that walks around in such a negative mind frame because she is just a disgusting person with no life and likes to cause problems for other people.


  • Name: Mary Louise Parker & Associates, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Stroudsburg
  • Address: 900 Scott Street
  • Phone: (570) 424-9100
  • Website:

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