Mary Waweru Leiden North Holland


Complaint: This lady was working at a night club Jockey in Riga, Latvia. I was looking for a simple easy night in entertainment but it turned out a very different story. This lady convinced me she had urgency to make some payments and meet payment deadlines in her home city of Nairobi, Kenya. She told me she had a family who had nothing to eat, some of her family members were disabled and required assistance, she told me her son was grown up but needed help and so much more. Long story short it seemed we fell in love and she wanted a new family with me, promissed so much like having a child from me, let’s get married, let’s make it a happy life. Once her partners in crime named George Wakanyi (I sent 5k euro), then Teresia Waweru (I sent 2k Euro), then there were others, when received my transfers and I demanded an update and explanation from her she disappeared. This is an elaborate scam which is difficult to classify and give it a legal (or illegal) status or review. She plays with human feelings, she makes you see her as a charming poor and pure lady. She got over 10 THOUSAND euro from me in a short amount of time but more importantly she hurt me so much more than any money would. I believe this is not fair. I believe such people should be exposed and the world must know who they are.

Tags: Prostitutes

Address: 49 Gertrudes ieala Riga, Riga Latvia



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