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There is a company in Woburn Ma called Mass Solutions and has gone by many other names to keep their scam alive. I found the job opportunity on career builder under entry level marketing College Grads for management opportunity. When I went to the job interview I was surprised to hear rap and r+b music from the stereo. I should have known then that this was a unprofessional company. So I went through the 3 phase interview and got the job. The next day I started my new job. I then saw the cult like practices the manager does to the employees in the morning meeting. They all high five and yell heeeeeeeeey, and they ring bells when they do well, and every week the office is number 1 in the company. Everyone is in a cheerful mood but they are fake. They lie too you and say you will run your own office in 3 to 6 months it is all a sham. Every person is at the leadership position and never become a manager. No one makes money just the manger. The marketing job they had me do was working at home depot trying to sell free consolations to customers. That were not free at all the people did in fact pay a small price. I found this out by talking to an old couple that had the FREE consolation done. I felt so bad for the old couple. This place suxs don’t apply and beware for the home depot sales rep, who says they work for home depot but in fact works for this ripoff company. nJroc123nboston, MassachusettsU.S.A.

3 Gill St Worburn, Massachusetts U.S.A.

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