Masterbend Of Rochelle Davis Junction Illinois


Complaint: Masterbend of Rochelle installed a Y to join 2 header pipes into one exhuast. The Y was defective in that the point where they joined was not cut out. Thus the exhaust for one of the headers could not pass. When they investicated they found other defective Y’s in their inventory. When I picked the car up the mechanics were gone for the weekend. I needed The car for work on monday therefor I had to have someone else make the exhaust on Saturday afternoon. The adjustment they made was for the defective part only, which was only a small part of the bill. $26 of a bill of $129. It also cost me $150 in materials and labor to correct the problem. I feel they should have given a complete refund. Even half of the bill I would have felt better but $26 is a Rip-off. They also know they have other defective parts. Mack Davis Junction, IllinoisU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Mechanics

Address: 221 Powers Rd. Hilcrest, Illinois U.S.A.



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