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I bought a home in April 1999 which was susposed to be well built and energy efficient. Definately not either. We had made numerous calls to the company about repair shortly after we moved in but they only fixed to problems temporarly. Now we have a hole in out ceiling because the shingles were put on wrong which caused the the roof to leak and we have damage to the insulation and surrounding areas. The flooring in the laundry room and kitchen are caving in and causing the lanolium to tear. The flooring is also separating from the bottom of the wall. Glue is seeping through on the walls so we have had to paint most of them. The heating and air system is not correct. It does not heat or cool one side of the Double wide, which happens to be our daughters room. We were told to move her to another room. The electric bills are through the roof. The air is coming in around all the doors, esp. the sliding glass. Piece of the siding have falling off. The carpet is cheap. It was susposed to be quality carpeting. This house will not last another 10 yrs it is literally falling apart and we can’t afford to fix it. I don’t know what to do. No one wants to take responsibility for this house and the cheap use of materials to build it. It should have never passes inspection.

11124 E. 28st N suite112 Wichita, Kansas United States of America


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