Complaint: See Working Report Title *Match has gone from a reputable organization initially to one that consistently rips off their members. Their site has been hacked multiple times. Recently I was sent a bill for 6 months on an account that I cancelled a year ago. As expected they couldn’t find those records and didn’t notify me that my account had been hacked. Yet they still forced me to pay them. If you refuse your credit card company will damage your credit rating ! I would have contacted my attorney but the dollar amounts were too small to make it worthwhile. They only care about getting you on their AUTOMATIC renewal because that’s how they make money…by ripping people off ! In recent years the site has been used increasingly by prostitutes to solicit money and they seem to do nothing to prevent this ! SCAM company…Prostitutes !…failure to notify clients they have been hacked. I fully expect Facebook with their new dating service will put them out of business. Their stock dropped 25% the first day of that announcement and hopefully will continue to fall to their inevitable bankruptcy. They have become a truly horrible company. Avoid them like the plague. Stole my money. Lied about records. Did not notify me that my account had been hacked*

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