Match Florida


Complaint: I accidentally subscribed and have tried to undo that subscription within an hour of the subscription and refuses. Here are the circumstances: I received an email through Match from some guy. I guess that’s their way of baiting the hook. I toyed with the idea of getting a subscription, even going so far as to log onto my PayPal account but I didn’t realize I’d made the charge. In the meantime, I replied to the guy (not realizing I had to pay to do so) and then saw an email confirmation thanking me for my subscription. Since it was only an hour after my subscription, I immediately contacted Match. They said since I’d been suckered into responding once to the guy, I was stuck with the three month subscription of $75. I asked to speak to the supervisor “Mary””

Tags: Internet Services

Address: ID 160216

Website: the Better Business Bureau

Phone: who also told me I was stuck with the payment. I’ve reported this to the FTC

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